Top Commercial Remodeling Trends in 2024

commercial remodeling trends 2024

Are you, as a business leader, trying to find ways to encourage your workers to go back to the office? Consider updating your office space with some of these commercial remodeling trends 2024. Here are some ideas on how your office design can encourage workers to return.

Office Design Trends to Bring Back Workers

More companies are asking workers to return to the physical office again. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Meta, and even Zoom have asked their workers to be present in a physical office – at least part of the time. As a business leader, you may long for the collaborative opportunities of the past, but know you need to update your commercial space to draw workers back to the office.

Here are the latest trends in both office buildings and commercial spaces to consider as you plan for a commercial remodel.

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Flexible Workspace Design

The cubicle/conference room design from office buildings of the past needs to be revised for a hybrid workplace. Workers forced to leave the comfort of their home office spaces will resent sitting within the confines of three-sided half walls. However, an open floor plan is also problematic and can reduce productivity.

Flexibility is critical in modern workplace design. You’ll see movable workstations that can be arranged to suit technology and the employees’ needs (and to make room for under-desk treadmills). Hot desking is also used for offices that allow for hybrid work arrangements. 

And that large conference room that always seemed too big or too small can also be designed with movable walls and adaptable furniture.

Bring the Outside In

In recent years, “biophilic design” has been the focus of commercial design. In short, this trend ranges from the use of earth tones to living walls used to create a sense of tranquility. At a minimum, consider large windows and skylights to let in more natural light. Pay attention to lighting and air quality to promote workplace wellness.

Homier Atmospheres

Wellness is no longer a trend in office design – it’s an essential part of helping employees create a work/life balance. Some companies are embracing a homier design for office spaces – with cushions, noise-dampening carpets, and even curtains. This makes the home-to-office transition more palatable.

Seek the Advice of Commercial Remodeling Experts When Redesigning Your Office Space

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Key Takeaways About Commercial Remodeling Trends

  • Companies are trying to find ways to soften the transition between working from home and returning to the office.
  • Flexible workplace design is vital for hybrid work.
  • Biophilic design, natural light, clean air technology, sustainability, and noise reduction are standard features of the modern workplace.
  • Use remodeling as an excuse to create a more energy-efficient office.