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TopKey is the trusted name for commercial glass repair in Maryland, North Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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Quality, affordable East Coast commercial glass contractor with over 30 years of experience.

From minor scratches to significant cracks, our team is equipped with the expertise to address all your glass repair needs. We understand the importance of maintaining a clear and professional appearance, and our meticulous repair process ensures your glass elements remain pristine and safe.

Why TopKey Construction

Precision Repair

Every glass issue, no matter how minor, is treated with the utmost care. Our commitment to perfection ensures repairs that restore clarity and integrity to your glass installations.

Skilled Technicians

Our team comprises professionals with years of experience in the glass repair industry. Their expertise ensures flawless results, guaranteeing glass that looks and functions as good as new.

Quick Service

We recognize the urgency of glass repairs, especially in commercial settings. Our team prioritizes prompt responses and efficient repairs, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Glass Services We Offer

Benefits of Professional Glass Repair

Maintaining your commercial glass elements is crucial for a polished and professional appearance. Beyond aesthetics, timely repairs ensure the safety and longevity of your glass installations.

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TopKey Construction understands the need for an accurate estimate and timeline. Our team has years of construction and renovation experience.

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You’ll love the results of your custom repair or renovation. TopKey Construction will transform your commercial space.

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Roofing and Cladding Work

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“The work that was done was exceptional, and we could not be happier with the outcome! I look forward to getting more work done in the near future with this company.”

Laura Livingston

“You guys are really saving us today. We really appreciate your team. You guys are the best.”

Earl Jaucian,
NAVSEA Facilities, SEA 10F

Frequently Asked 

How do I prevent scratches and stains on my commercial glass?

Preventing scratches and stains involves regular cleaning with appropriate glass cleaners and soft cloths. Avoiding abrasive materials and ensuring protective measures in high-traffic areas can also help maintain the pristine condition of your glass.

Our team ensures minimal disruption during glass repairs and replacements. We prioritize swift and efficient services, often scheduling repairs at times most convenient for your business, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our specialists will assess the damage’s extent and the glass’s age. Minor damages can often be repaired, but significant or safety-compromising damages may require a full replacement. Our aim is always to offer the most efficient solution for your space.

What types of commercial glass do you repair?

TopKey Construction offers repair services for a diverse range of commercial glass, including storefronts, windows, partitions, and decorative installations. Our expertise caters to various needs, ensuring clarity and durability.

Regular inspections of commercial glass are recommended to maintain its clarity and integrity. Areas exposed to high traffic or environmental factors might need more frequent checks. With timely inspections, potential issues can be addressed promptly, ensuring longevity.

Absolutely. At TopKey, we recognize that every commercial space has unique glass installations. We provide tailored repair solutions, ensuring the right techniques and materials are used for each specific type of glass.

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