The ROI of Commercial Renovations: What Improvements Pay Off?

Team of experts analyzing roofing material selection for a comprehensive home renovation.

Let’s look at commercial renovations ROI (return on investment) to help guide you on your next commercial renovation project. Of course, the ROI of commercial renovations is influenced by factors such as the type of commercial space, location, the project specs, and the quality of the work. Here are some common commercial renovations and improvements […]

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems: A Comprehensive Overview

Commercial roofing is a whole different ball game than residential roofing. Make sure you hire a company with a crew specializing in commercial roofing systems when completing a roof repair or replacement project for flat roofs (or low-slope roofs). After all, installing a modified bitumen roof on a hospital is much different than installing asphalt […]

Top Commercial Remodeling Trends in 2024

commercial remodeling trends 2024

Are you, as a business leader, trying to find ways to encourage your workers to go back to the office? Consider updating your office space with some of these commercial remodeling trends 2024. Here are some ideas on how your office design can encourage workers to return.