Commercial Window Maintenance: Prolonging Lifespan & Performance

Front of office building - commercial window maintenance is necessary

Commercial window maintenance is crucial for prolonging the lifespan of your business’s windows. Although it’s easy to overlook your office or storefront glass, you should have a periodic inspection of your windows and glass doors. Here are some maintenance tips for commercial glass.

Quick Tips on Maintaining Commercial Windows

  • Repair broken glass promptly.
  • Inspect the glass. 
  • Check the sealant.
  • Inspect and maintain the hardware.
  • Replace worn weatherstripping.
  • Check the security of the window.
  • Consider energy efficiency upgrades.

How to Maintain Commercial Windows

If you are in charge of completing regular maintenance of commercial buildings, here’s what you need to know about windows and glass doors. 

Repair broken glass promptly.

Treat a broken window as an emergency. Broken window glass reflects poorly on your business and can risk the security of your building. Have a commercial glass repair company on standby in case of emergencies. 

Inspect the glass. 

Periodically inspect your glass windows for any signs of damage, such as cracks or chips. Look for any damage or issues, such as fogging between panes (indicative of seal failure in double-pane windows). Replace damaged glass or address seal failure promptly. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent further damage and air and water infiltration – and maintain the integrity of the windows.

Check the sealant.

Window repair should be focused on more than glass products. Check the sealant around the windows for signs of wear or deterioration. Replace any damaged or worn sealant to prevent water infiltration and air leaks.

Inspect and maintain the hardware.

Inspect and regularly lubricate window hardware such as hinges, handles, and locks. This helps ensure smooth operation and prevents issues like sticking or difficulty opening/closing the windows.

Replace worn weatherstripping.

Replace worn or damaged weatherstripping around the windows. Proper weatherstripping helps improve energy efficiency by sealing gaps and preventing air leaks.

Check the security of the window.

Ensure security features such as locks and alarms attached to the windows function correctly. This helps enhance building security and safety.

Consider energy efficiency upgrades.

Consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows or retrofitting existing windows with energy-saving films or coatings. This can reduce energy costs and improve comfort indoors.

broken commercial glass needs to be fixed immediately

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Commercial Glass Repair and Maintenance

Professionals have the knowledge and experience to assess the condition of commercial windows properly, identify potential issues, and recommend appropriate maintenance or repairs. They are trained in handling various types of windows and understand the intricacies of commercial window systems.

In addition, professional window maintenance companies have access to specialized tools and equipment needed for thorough inspections, cleaning, and repairs. This equipment allows them to work efficiently and effectively, ensuring the windows are correctly maintained without causing damage.

Remember – working on commercial windows can involve heights and safety risks. Professionals are trained in safety protocols and have the necessary safety gear to perform maintenance tasks safely. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries during window maintenance activities.

Finally, while hiring professionals may involve upfront costs, it can be cost-effective in the long run. Proper maintenance by experts can help prevent costly repairs or premature replacements of commercial windows. It also contributes to energy efficiency, potentially reducing utility costs over time.

Overall, hiring a professional for commercial window maintenance offers peace of mind, ensures quality results, and contributes to the longevity and performance of your windows, ultimately benefiting your business and building occupants.

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